These are dogs that we have adopted out or transferred to other rescue groups :-)

            ~~~AUGUST 2010~~~

Juno, Cruiser, Kit, Zane, Scooby

                ~~~JULY 2010~~~

Dolly, Ozzy, Ace, Speed Bump, Laddy, Riley, Ace, Donovan, & Carson

                       ~~~June 2010~~~

                                              Popeye in his new home!

                  Conrad, Honey, Chewy, Chloe, Josie, Runt, T-Bo, Katie, & Sadie

                      ~~~March, April, & May 2010~~~

                                         Bonnie (now Chloe) in her new home!

                                     Sturgess (now Dexter) in his new home!

              Libby, Sparks, Teddy, Clyde, Sienna, & Baxter George!

Rocky came into the Windsor Pound and everyone fell in love with him! He was an energetic, super friendly, 116 pound lab.
He had a collar on with tags from Nebraska from 2005. It was a long shot, but we called the Humane Society's number from the tag. They sent us to the vet who gave us an old number. We honestly figured it would be a dead end.
As luck would have it the phone number was still good! The person who answered was the guy who had adopted Rocky in 2005.
Some life changes happened and he wasn't able to keep Rocky. He had rehomed him to a family near him with a farm. No one knows what happened, or why Rocky ended up in a high kill, rural Missouri shelter.
He said he regretted having to give him away and it was the worst decision of his life. He said he wanted Rocky back and would drive down to get him!
Within days, Rocky and his owner were reunited! You could tell Rocky remembered him. It was a great day for all involved.
Here is a picture we took before they left for their new life together in Nebraska :)

~Transferred to other rescues March - now 2010~